Our Focus

Our corporate retirement plan clients range from small privately held partnerships to midsize corporations. Our individual wealth management clients are largely our corporate retirement plan principals. Like you, they were looking for a personalized retirement solution.

Client Survey

Ranked Top Provider in 2014 Awarded the Most “Best in Class” Awards in 2014, results below are based on the 2014 Annual Client Survey conducted by Plan Sponsor Magazine.
Client Service Ratings Participant Sponsor
Best in Class Scores
( < $5MM )
94% 96%
Best in Class Scores
( $5MM - $25MM )
96% 97%

Highest-Rated Areas of Service (Best in Class Awards)
Education Meetings, Plan Design, Investments, Industry Knowledge, Website, Staff Consistency, Compliance Support, Cost to Value

Client Recommendation Likelihood
Extremely likely: 91% Moderately likely: 9% Neutral: 0.0% Recommend against: 0.0%

Respondent Profile - Plan Size Respondent Plan Types Client Tenure (Years)
<$5MM: 59.6% 401(k): 98% More than seven: 68%
$5MM - $25MM: 38.6% 403(b): 0.0% Three to seven: 28%
$25MM - $50MM: 1.8% 457: 0.0% Less than three: 4%
Other 2%

Best In Class

Our integrity and skillset is consistently recognized by our clients in Plan Sponsor Magazine.