2018 Retirement Plan Limits

The Internal Revenue Service has announced inflation-adjusted retirement plan limits for 2018. These limits are commonly used in the administration of retirement plans.

Category 2018 2017
Elective Deferral Limit for 401(k) and 403(b) Plans IRC402(g) $18,500 $18,000
Annual Additions Limit for Defined Contribution Plans IRC415(c) $55,000 $54,000
Limit on Annual Benefits for Defined Benefit Plan IRC415(b) $220,000 $215,000
Catch-up Contribution Limit IRC414(v) $6,000 $6,000
Annual Compensation Limit IRC401(a)(17) $275,000 $270,000
Highly Compensated Employee Limit IRC414(q) $120,000 $120,000
Key Employee Determination Limit IRC416(i) $175,000 $175,000
SIMPLE Retirement Plan Contribution Limit IRC408(p) $12,500 $12,500
Social Security Wage Base (Old Age, Survivors) $128,700 $127,200
Medicare Wage Base No Limit No Limit